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Camp Details

Tip of the Spear & EXOS are offering High School (Varsity) Linemen a chance to train with the BEST this Spring. Each workout features 90 minutes of Performance Training, led by EXOS, followed by 90 minutes of Position Specific Technique work with Tip of the Spear Founder Scott Peters. EXOS has trained over 759 NFL Draft Picks in their Pre-Combine program, far and away the most by any Performance Training Company. Tip of the Spear is the number one Technique Consultant in Football, with more than 12 NFL teams & 25 Major D1 Football Programs as Clients.

EXOS Performance Training Includes

  • Players will be develop speed, strength, explosiveness & overall athletic ability under the tutelage of the best performance coaches in the world
  • Players learn how to care for their bodies with top recovery & regeneration techniques so they can train & compete at optimal levels longer than the competition, which is critical for world class athletes.

Tip of the Spear Training (OL/DL) Includes

O Line:

  • Position Specific Run Blocking Techniques for Tackles - Guards & Centers
  • Pass Sets & Footwork by Position & Alignments (Tackles, guards & Centers)
  • Strikes to Disrupt & Finish Pass Rushers (using Hands / NOT Helmet)
  • Advanced Leverage Techniques & Counters to win in any Situation

D Line:

  • DL Specific Techniques to Defeat Situational Run Blocks
  • Optimize Explosiveness off the snap
  • Develop the Top 3 pass rushes used in the NFL
  • Advanced Setups & Counters

Class Schedule

What to wear/bring

_Football Cleats_ Comfortable workout clothes; t-shirt, shorts or sweats _Shoulder Pads *OPTIONAL(This is NOT a "Contact" Camp, but we will teach and drill using Pads)_

Instructor Bios

Scott Peters - Offensive Line

is considered by some of the NFL & NCAA’s most respected line coaches to be the top technique expert in the world. A 7 year NFL veteran, expert in marital arts and world champion grappler, Peters has contracted with 10 NFL teams, & 14 major college football programs. In 2012, he launched “Safe Football,” an instructional program to remove the head from contact. Since then, over 450 High School coaching staffs have been trained and certified, and the results for injury prevention are just as impressive as the performance benefits experienced by players and teams.

Despite his work at the upper ranks of football, Scotts true passion is teaching young linemen to be achieve their best using superior yet little known techniques used by the NFL's elite.

Jon Clanton - Defensive Line

Coach Clanton is regarded as one of the best Defensive Line experts in the game of Football. A former standout Defensive Tackle for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Jon Clanton studied and refined his pass rush skills under Jim Washburn as a player with the Tennessee Titans. Following his playing career, Jon developed some of the top pass rush techniques used in the NFL & in major College Football. Like Coach Peters, Jon Clanton is passionate about teaching players at the High School level the most advanced techniques in the game.