Geller 20.20k


Geller 20.20k


Paris Geller: Most Competent. Most Qualified. A Tad Scary.

Chilton Running Club is thrilled to announce our second event of the 2017-2018 School Year:

The Geller 20.20k!

Paris is a force of nature and we all know that she could be President, win a Nobel Prize, or just micromanage everyone to death...regardless, we know she can do anything. Everyone who signs up for this event will get a beautiful 3" Geller 2020 campaign medal on a patriotic sublimated ribbon and the always popular custom digital bib.

Paris Geller. Strong. Smart. Competent. Not a hugger. She will lead us to unprecedented prosperity, or she will end up back in her bunker eating tomato soup from a can. Either way, we all know She Should Run. Hey - that sounds like a great name for a charity! What do you know… it IS! The proceeds from the Geller 20.20k are going to She Should Run- a US based non-partisan, nonprofit that helps women get the tools and skills they need to run for public office, regardless of political party affiliation. She Should Run empowers women. We all know what empowered women do, so let’s get it done! Learn more at

And what is a campaign without a campaign T-shirt?!? Show your support for the ultimate candidate and get a Geller 2020 campaign shirt today! Event shirts are available at

Yes, the distance (20.2 kilometers or 12.55 miles) is our longest ever, but nothing worth doing is going to be easy...and you know Paris would never back down from a challenge. That said, since the event is virtual, you can break it up any way you need to.

The suggested run date will be the day female candidates are all running towards...the first Tuesday in November...November 7th! Just like election day! You can do the whole thing that day or save the last few miles for that day or do it whenever you want! After all, the suggested run date is just a suggestion.

Registration closes November 20th at midnight and all medals will be mailed later that week.

Empowered women empower women! Sign up today!