Get Corked 2024

2420 Miner's Bluff Rd, Monte Creek, BC V0E 2M0, Canada


GET CORKED is all about the finish wine! This quirky event offers a run or walk 5.1K and 10.2K distance, but don't plan on worrying about your time! This is not a timed event (no timing chips) because it's not about the time on your watch, but about the time you have on the course! 

Plus, who's worrying about time when there is WINE ON ROUTE! Yep, you read that correctly. You'll be stopping mid run for to taste wines, laugh and take in the beautiful scenery. If you really care about your time, there will be a race clock, but trust us, you probably won't care what it says after that first glass of wine! When you do cross the Finish Wine (no, that's no typo!), you'll join other participants and celebrate in style with wine tastings, cheese, chocolate, photos, friendship and lots of laughter. You'll also receive a specialized wine glass at the finish line full of chocolate - now THAT beats a medal any day!


Join as a single or in teams of 4 or MORE , and bring your best costume - there are great prizes for the ones that give us the biggest smile! Past racers have dressed up as grapes, superheros, pirates, hippies, puppets and more; so be creative! This event is all about the FUN! So plan on having lots of it!

Registration is limited , so register early! This event ALWAYS sells out, so make sure you register right away!

​19+ event