Green Summit - The Future of Climate Tech

1575 Scott St, San Diego, CA 92106, USA


Join Virtually at the Green Summit: The Future of Climate tech
You will learn three key secrets at The Future of Climate Tech:
Secret 1:
- Learn from business experts and climate tech innovators about how the industry has changed over the past ten years, and what to expect over the next ten years.
Secret 2: 
- How to plan your professional career around these upcoming changes - what you can do to get promotions, raises, and find companies that are leading the change.
Secret 3:
- How to start a business in climate tech and how to be ahead of the curve to raising funds, profitability, scaling, and selling your business.
Early Bird Ticket Pricing:
February 15th - March 15th - $44
March 16th - March 30th - $124
Book Before March 15th and get three FREE perks:
1. 114 Ways To Live Sustainably E-Book
2. Launchpad - Transitioning from 9-5 to running your own business E-book
3. Free ticket to our May Green Summit event - The Future of Solar Tech
Announced Speakers:
- Hap Klopp - The Founder of North Face
- Ali Elnaamani - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Expert
- Phil Toussaint - Founder of Ecopreneur
- Lori Mazor -  Author & A.I. Expert
Money Back Guarantee:
- As always, if you tuned into The Green Summit and feel you did not get value or your moneys worth, we have a 100% money back guarantee that you will get the most out of this event.