Handles 5k


Handles 5k


Whovian Running Club is pleased to announce our second event of 2018:

The Handles 5k!

Our second event of 2018 honors the Doctor's longest-serving companion: Handles! For 300 years, Handles was with the 11th Doctor on Trenzalore keeping him company as he defended the town of Christmas. All participants will get this amazing 4" Handles medal, custom satin ribbon, and the always popular custom digital bib.

The Doctor couldn't get the parts to keep Handles going, but we're going to provide the parts to raise up dozens of children. We are honored to announce that our charity partner for the Handles 5k is Enabling the Future (e-NABLE) - a global community of amazing volunteers who use 3-D printers to create custom hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, disease or natural disaster. The e-NABLE Community is made up of teachers, students, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, tinkerers, designers, parents, children, scout troops, artists, philanthropists, dreamers, coders, makers and everyday people who just want to make a difference and help to “Give The World A Helping Hand.” And Whovian Running Club plans to use the Handles 5k to give these children an "upgrade" with the proceeds going to clear backlogs in Sierra Leone, India, and South America! Learn more about e-NABLE at enablingthefuture.org

And don’t forget to get your event shirt! When you get this awesomely geeky shirt, you're not just helping to "upgrade" these kids...you're telling the world that you're upgrading yourself by running/walking your 5k!! Get your shirt here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/handles-5k

The suggested run date for this event is Sunday, 11 March. Why? Because it's the birthdate of one of our favorite actors...the amazing John Barrowman! This is just a fun suggestion...you are welcome to complete your 5k whenever you want! All medals will be mailed once registration closes in March.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and let's give these kids a helping hand!!