Harness Your Parenting Personality Superpowers to Handle the Busy Holiday Season

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The holiday season is infamous for introducing all kinds of stressors for kids and parents, from late bedtimes to unsolicited advice from extended family. Whether your parenting personality drives you to stress about making things magical for your kids, all the obligatory "fun" (from parties to cookie exchanges), or just making it through that long school vacation, join us for practical strategies for navigating the holidays with a little more peace and joy.

Visit evieandsarah.com/quiz to take the parenting personality quiz developed by Dr. Sarah Davis, Evie Granville (M.Ed.), and pediatrician Dr. Molly O’Shea. Then, join us for this interactive talk, where we'll rethink expectations, set healthy boundaries, and drop the guilt to find balance and uncover what will make your holiday season magical.

Presenters:  Dr. Sarah Davis and Evie Granville, M.Ed. are parenting educators, researchers and community builders, authors and podcasters, best friends and moms. Dr. Sarah Davis is a child development expert with a master’s in education from University of San Diego and a doctorate of education from Texas A&M University.  Evie Granville, M.Ed. is a parent educator, and thought leader who graduated from Columbia University with honors, and earned her master’s degree in secondary education from George Mason University. Their tried and true advice has been featured by Parents MSN, Reader’s Digest, and other major media outlets.

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