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Welcome to Kim's Antiques. You break you buy! It's on the sign!

This is your opportunity to pick up any of the old CRC medals still in our inventory. Once a medal sells out, there won't be any more, so don't delay!

CRITICAL INFORMATION: When you begin your registration, think of this as ONE event and not many. Just select the number of PEOPLE signing up regardless of the number of medals you are planning to get. You’ll be able to select individual medals for each person after you enter your registration information.

After you enter your address information, you will have a series of "Required" items. You are NOT, repeat - NOT, required to register for every event, but you ARE required to answer each one by selecting the event OR selecting "No Thanks." You will see $25 added to your total for each event you select. If you get to the end and your total is ZERO, you have not selected any events and you should go back and change your answers as appropriate.

This means you can now sign up for the following events going all the way back to 2016:

2016-2017 School Year:

  • That Damn Donna Reed 7.3k
  • Santa Burger 10k
  • None. Plus? 5k

2017-2018 School Year:

  • Guilt & Chanel 5k
  • Geller 20.20k
  • Babette ran a 5k
  • Buckle Up, I'm Patty 10k
  • Anvil Challenge Medal

2018-2019 School Year:

  • BD-Day 12k
  • St. James 10k
  • Coffee Cup Challenge Medal

Note: The 2017 Fun Flask 5k and the 2019 Dance-A-Thon 4 in 4k and the Bon Voyage 7k are SOLD OUT! There may be a chance to bid on one or the other during our Annual Yule Ball auction, but other than that... they are no longer available.

All registrations WILL include bibs and those will be up in the bib archive ( a few days after you register. Medals will be mailed out once a week, so you won't have to wait long to get your medals!

If you want any Chilton Running Club shirts, check out this link:



Sign up today and dance your way out of the store!

(Mrs. Kim would not approve)