La Jolla Foundation Donation


La Jolla Foundation Donation


What if you could change the world?

What if you could do something today that would forever change the course of human interaction for the better? It has happened in the past. One man or woman, one idea: on so many occasions, it has caused positive change. Think Einstein. Think Lincoln, Teresa, Jefferson, and Gandhi.

Now, think you.

People all around the world are at war. People kill people. We remain blissfully unaware of where new genius lies, and we’re not consistently sparking philanthropy.

Our focus?

Three things: planting the peace-inspiring seeds of sport where there is war; finding and supporting the next generation of Einsteins, and sparking and catapulting new philanthropic causes into reality.

It may take up to 1000 years for planet earth to become a peaceful place. It may take that long for us to wake up and realize that the miracle of life is something that we as a species have taken for granted, wasted, and destroyed; and is something that we now need to treasure. Among other things, it will take sport, new genius, and new initiatives to change the world. We have the future and we have each other. In ten generations, a one hundred million dollar endowed foundation will be a powerful positive force for this place we call home, and for the people, we live with on this iron rock spinning around the sun.

Please contribute in some fashion to our objectives. We need help. Contact us if you want to get involved; we’re waiting for you. Do a marathon or triathlon in our name. Contribute money or time. 80% of your contribution will go into an endowment fund that will live forever, with the interest from this fund forever destined to invest in projects and people that will change the world.