Lead Generation through Social Listening

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Lead Generation through Social Listening

Users on Social Media make billions of posts a day on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...and qualify themselves as being likely buyers of Goods & Services. Are you listening?

Even though LeadFeast is new, the concepts and processes are not. Our parent company Digitera has been using the advanced methods that LeadFeast offers for years in the service of our clients, and our CEO Jordan St Jacques  on the subject for the Technology and Innovation Program @ Carleton University in Ottawa ON.


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Perhaps you’ve missed the news…it’s not 1995 anymore! The world is a different place now, with threads of digital lifestyles interweaving their way through each other at a pace unseen before in human history. First Websites & Emails, then E-Commerce, SMS and Search…then a plethora of Social Media profiles…and now the proliferation of Mobile Apps is well underway! Businesses of all varieties are hard-pressed to keep up with a digital world that literally changes by the day, hence the absolute need for such businesses to outsource their digital needs to a reliable digital partner.

Digitera’s genesis goes back to 2004, when our owner was one of the first people in the world to take a MySpace profile over 1,000,000 “Friends”! We were heavy into “social media” before the phrase even existed! Our ability to penetrate MySpace in order to drive significant business increases in the concert industry turned out to be our entry into the Digital Marketing world. From there, we’ve added skills in Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce, SEO, Blast Marketing and of course Websites! At this point, we’re your complete choice for comprehensive or modular Digital Marketing service and Application Devlopment.

If your company and/or brand is seeking an expert partner for the digital world, ask us about what we can do for you. You’ll find we have an easy-to-work-with temperament while confident enough to point your company/brand in the right direction. Your goals will be our goals..indeed, we’re the “upgrade” you’ve been looking for!

Also .... I'm scared of snakes, and also of heights. I can be bribed with food, especially from Di Rienzo's on Beech.






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