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Life Lounge is dedicated to personal and professional development. One way we can accomplish great things is through building powerful relationships. Within our membership community we all have access to incredible people.

What if you could take your professional relationships to another level?

MENTOR MATCH is a concept we are building to assist members connect in a deeper manner.

It's proven that organizations and individuals perform better when they have MENTORS to help them navigate their businesses and careers.

We NEED your participation to ensure the success of this special program.

Are you interested in finding a mentor?

Are you interested in helping a mentee?

Please register TODAY and we will match you with potential mentors or mentees?

Once you register and indicate which path interests you and answer the qualifying questions, you'll be matched and introduced.

You will be responsible for 'making it happen' by taking action. That means you will be given a frame work as a suggested guideline for your new professional relationship.

Life Lounge is about Giving on all levels.

Some considerations to be discussed between Mentor and Mentee:

  • Will your engagement be Traditional style or Flash mentorship.

  • How long of a connection engagement will it require- weeks, months etc.

  • Additional resources can be forwarded- like tracking of KPIs and reports.

This only works if both mentors and mentees play full out. Commitment is key to success.

Please answer the questions that will appear during the registration process so we can create a profile and make the appropriate introductions.

Thank you for your participation!