Mindful Moments with Tia Marie

21 S Summit Ave #233, Gaithersburg, MD 20884, USA


Kickstart your Thanksgiving holiday focusing on YOU. Our Centered Self community will gather for mindful movement and meditation with a theme of maintaining boundaries during the holiday season. We will close with a mini reflection at which time participants may journal, doodle/draw, or simply continue to lay/sit in a restful state. 

What you'll need: a quiet space, headphones, and anything else that helps you relax.

A Zoom link will be shared with you within 24 hours of start time. Please be sure your first and last name on Zoom matches your registration or you will not be admitted into the session.

You must be in the waiting room by 8:05pm or else you will not be admitted (in an effort to preserve continuous relaxation in the environment).