Nargle 9k


Nargle 9k


Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to present our first event of 2018:

The Nargle 9k!

Break your wand? Blame Nargles. Potion blow up in your face? Blame Nargles. Fall off your broom during Quidditch tryouts? Well, that might have been a confundus charm, but we're going to say it was NARGLES! The incomparable Luna Lovegood ardently believed that nargles were behind many unexplained problems. Since we can't reveal what Nargles actually look like, we figured we'd focus on Luna with radish earrings, a cork necklace, and the iconic Spectrespecs! Your registration includes this beautiful 3.25" medal featuring a translucent spectrespecs lens and REAL cork(!) , a matching custom sublimated ribbon and the much-loved personalized digital bib!

"Well if I were You-Know-Who, I'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else; because if it's just you alone, you're not as much of a threat." - Luna Lovegood. Luna reminded Harry that if you're going into battle, you shouldn't do it alone. There are people going through a battle with AIDS...and we are going to have their backs! We are honored to announce the charity partner for our first event of 2018 is Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! Broadway Cares unites the entire theatre community - those onstage, backstage and in the audience - to help men, women and children in all 50 states. Those battling HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses receive lifesaving medications, health care, nutritious meals, counseling and emergency financial assistance. In the ULTIMATE example of Transfiguration in the Muggle World, they turn love into money...and then turn money into love. Please visit to learn more.

We are also excited to welcome BroadwayCon as the co-sponsor for this event! BroadwayCon ( has been a long-time supporter of Broadway Cares and we are thrilled that they are willing to join forces with HRC in the fight against AIDS!

And don't forget your event shirt! No eclectic wardrobe is complete without a Luna-themed Nargle 9k event shirt! All proceeds will go to support Broadway Cares! You can get your shirt at:

What better day to run your Nargle 9k than February 13th...Luna Lovegood's birthday!!!! Remember, this is only a fun suggestion. You are welcome to complete your 9k (5.59 miles) whenever you want!

Registration closes at midnight on February 11th (or early morning on Feb 12th depending on your Time Zone). UPDATE on Medals: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the shipping date for the medals has moved to March 19th. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

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