OCSB SEP Year End Celebration

Ottawa, ON

OCSB SEP Year End Celebration


Thank you for everyone who patiently hung in there as we sorted out the technical difficulties of the live stream event - a good demonstration of problem solving and resilience in action - even though it did't feel very good at the time - we still got in most of the event content and finished on time!

These young student entrepreneurs - even in a COVID-19 year - have built some amazing social enterprises.  Many are still open until Jun 18th to sell products and take in donations for their charities... go to ocsbsep.ca to purchase yours now.

Featured Events:

  • The celebration will feature key note speaker, Will Wells, the Founder of the Artery Community Roasters.
  • Key presentations of businesses created by our own young entrepreneurs
  • Voices of inspiration and positivity from our young entrepreneurs
  • Hear about the next steps from Tom D’Amico, OCSB Director of Education and Shelley Montgomery, Superintendent of Education
  • Co-hosted by Sarah Turnbull, Producer & Freelance Political Journalist and Rahul Sanjeev, Grade 7 Student at OCSB Virtual Academy.

Go to the event link here.