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As computer technology advances, the educational system has been affected by the digitization wave. PC-based tests have replaced traditional paper and pencil assessments at a large number of educational foundations and enlistment organisations.
How to Overcome Exam Anxiety by Taking Practice Tests

The vast majority of important tests, including those for SSC, RRB, JEE, GATE, and banking, are now administered online, or via a PC.

Despite the fact that some students have already accepted and adapted to this change by learning about the new online method of assessment, there are still many students who are completely unaware of this new method of assessment. Since they are afraid of online assessments, they lack the confidence to take any.

Taking an online test soon? Do you have any questions about how to do well on it?

To help you overcome your apprehension of online tests, we'll go over some practical advice that can help you overcome your apprehension of computer-based tests.

Attempt Online Mock Tests Regularly.

Starting with online mock tests is highly recommended if you are unfamiliar with taking computer-based tests. A great way to prepare for the actual computer-based test and the testing environment is to take practise tests online. You learn to deal with questions that pop up on the screen as the timer counts down.

In order to perform well on the exam, you must learn how to manage your time and speed. Additionally, you'll be able to assess your overall and sectional performance, as well as learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

Take Your Time and Carefully Read the Instructions

For each exam, there is a set of rules and guidelines that must be strictly followed. If you have any doubts about the exam's instructions, you could end up in trouble or waste precious time.


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If you have any questions about what you see on the screen, be sure to contact the appropriate central authorities. Before you begin the online test, make sure you have cleared up any confusion. Prior to the timer going off, having a clear understanding of these instructions will allow you to remain calm and avoid wasting precious time.

Don't Worry

Some questions are so difficult that you get stuck on them, or you make a small mistake and start freaking out. This exam is not the end of the world, and it is important for you to realise that.

Every question you face should be approached with the utmost confidence. Keep your cool, even if your mind wanders or you get stuck on a question. Panicking will do more harm than good. Keep your stress levels in check by taking deep breaths or drinking a sip of water frequently.

An online computer course can help you learn about the fundamentals and functions of computers if you are preparing for an exam that includes a section on computer aptitude.

Make an effort to answer the most straightforward questions first.

It doesn't matter which part of the test you begin with; you must immediately skim through the questions and attempt only those that are simple or familiar.

You won't have to worry about missing out on any easy questions because of the timer running out. As a bonus, this strategy saves you time and boosts your confidence when it comes to solving more difficult questions.

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Algebra-based questions should be first attempted if you are taking the quantitative aptitude section first and have a good grasp of the subject matter.

Accurate Time Scheduling.

It doesn't matter if an exam is taken online or offline; it always has a time limit. We all know that an online exam doesn't require the same amount of time for each section if it is completed correctly.

The best strategy is to finish each section and move on to the next one without thinking about what questions you missed. As a result, you'll be able to devote your full attention to each and every section.