Open Practice

12234 US-42, Walton, KY 41094, USA


Register here for Saturday May 23rd's open practice. Registrations are only for Drivers. Only one registration per Driver/Car. Please give the Driver's Name and what division they are entering. Only Late Models, Modifieds, Crates, Sport Mods, and Hornets are allowed at this event. Due to current rules, we will be restricting the amount of cars and amount of people per car. Each car can have 6 people including crew and driver. No spectators are allowed. All team members must arrive with their car. Individuals without cars will not be allowed in the pit area. Haulers should be parked with 10 ft between haulers. Team members need to stay with their hauler as much as possible. While away from their hauler, they need to maintain social distancing from other teams. Registration fee includes 1 Pit Pass. This is only to deter people from submitting fake entries and taking up spots. There are no refunds for No-Shows. No-Shows may be refused access to future restricted access events. 

By registering and entering the facility, the driver and all team members agree to abide by the rules above and any rules posted at the event.