Phil's Cookie Fondo

Malibu, CA

Phil's Cookie Fondo


Bake Your Own Cookie Fondo built by Matt Construction

For 2020, instead of an in-person event, we’re offering the Bake Your Own Cookie Fondo Kit. Shipped directly to you with pre-measured cookie ingredients, epic cookie swag, route planning tips, nutrition, and meal plans for before and after your ride, we've curated everything you need to create the perfect cookie-themed riding weekend from the safety of your home kitchen and local roads.

When we opened registration in the spring we were optimistic that our date in October would be COVID-safe. Since then, we've looked into moving forward with reopening guidelines and social distancing. Ultimately, while local officials might allow us to hold some compromised version of the Cookie Fondo on our planned date, it wouldn't be an experience up to our standards and more importantly it could pose a health risk to our community and riders.

In true Cookie Fondo fashion, we got creative and came up with a fun "Bake Your Own Cookie Fondo" for 2020 that we think can provide a lot of fun in a responsible way. We hope you'll join us remotely this year, and we'll see you in real life in 2021.