Post-Harvest Masterclass

Pct Azedo Gneco, 8000 Faro, Portugal


Berries have gained significant value in the market as a fruit category, sought after by consumers for their beneficial health attributes. As consumers increasingly prioritize healthy fruits, it is crucial for growers and retailers to focus on producing and ensuring a reliable and consistent supply.

With this in mind, Green Smile and Hortitool Consulting, operating under the Morocco Berry Conference brand, are launching a new masterclass titled "Post-harvest of Berries: Problems, Solutions, and Technologies."

The objective of this masterclass is to address quality concerns and issues while exploring new technologies that can benefit berry growers, agronomists, quality inspectors, advisors, agricultural managers, field supervisors, personnel from exporting companies, packers, personnel from input and service companies for the berry industry, and anyone involved in berry production.

The masterclass will feature Paula del Valle, a renowned Berry Post-harvest expert from Chile, as the keynote speaker. We invite you to join us in September for this immersive course, where you will learn about best practices and pitfalls to avoid in berry handling, as well as discover the latest technologies for extending the shelf life of these highly valued and nutritious fruits.

Don't miss out on this valuable event that brings together industry professionals. The masterclass will be conducted in Spanish with simultaneous translation into French and English.


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