Puff & Plug: Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

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 Our 4:20 Elevate & Create Series is Back!

Celebrating the Sacred Art of Cultivating a Conscious Relationship with Cannabis


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Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation 101

Saturday April 6th at 1pm

 $45.00 per log

 Maximum people per log =2   

(ex. BFF's, Life Partners)




Learn how fun, inexpensive and easy it is to grow your own renewable supply of homegrown mushrooms.

Bring what you would like to Elevate your Creativity for this hands on workshop where you get to inoculate your very own 12 inch log to take home with you.

Class will begin with Katherine sharing the importance of mindfully using cannabis both medicinally, recreationally and spiritually and leading the group in a brief centering meditation.

The hands on potion of the class will be led by Rose Valentine, mother of our 2 beautiful granddaughters and lover of all things mushrooms.

Rose will walk you through the process of inoculation, share her wisdom on how to care for your logs and provide you with culinary and medicinal recipes so you will feel confident in both growing and using your home grown mushrooms.


Rose maintains a Facebook Group as a away to keep all of our Skydog Home cultivators connected.

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