Riding Mountain Triathlon


Riding Mountain Triathlon


After a year off, Deb and I are very excited to announce the return of the Riding Mountain Triathlon.

The 2017 edition, the 31st, of this race will be held on Saturday, August 19th.During the race’s hiatus, Parks Canada has been busy conducting major work on the No. 10 Highway through the Park.

The fall of 2015 and 2016 saw a 27 kilometer section rebuilt. Most of this section has also been re-paved. Due to the poor weather last fall, some of the re-paving was not finished. This will be completed by early to mid June of this year. This section, starting at the main South Gate entrance continuing to the Grayling Lake turnoff, encompasses the full Olympic and Sprint Tri course.

This summer athletes will be cycling on one of the finest and most scenic triathlon courses on the prairies.

We look forward to welcoming back those athletes and their families who have raced before; as well as those who will be discovering Riding Mountain for the first time. __Ellis & Deb