RollerCon 2023

435 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106, USA


RC23 Skater, Off Skate, Child & Day passes are available on site during Registration Hours (click HERE to see Reg hours). They are unlikely to sell out (our new venue is huge). Prices range from $200 - $350. Passes are no longer available online. MVP passes are sold out.


If you love roller skating, you know that magic happens when roller skaters get together. Well, picture this: a few thousand dance skaters, derby players, park skaters, officials, productioneers, vendors, announcers, photographers and fans from all over the world, all gathering in Las Vegas to share some stories, raise some hell and get their skate on. RollerCon 2023 is the 18th year of the greatest roller skating family reunion ever! 

RollerCon passes can be cancelled & refunded, but ONLY if you choose to get optional insurance at the purchase stage. Insurance cannot be added after your purchase has been completed.
FanShield Ticket Insurance protects you for

  • Accident / Illness / Injury
  • Layoff or Work Travel Conflict
  • Jury Duty
  • Travel Interruptions
  • Family Emergencies

FanShield works just like airline ticket insurance; they require backup paperwork to approve claims. 

RollerCon passes cannot be deferred / rolled over to future years and can be cancelled only through FanShield.