RUNClub+ 2019 Spring Training Clinic

Kamloops, BC

RUNClub+ 2019 Spring Training Clinic


RUNClub+ is specifically designed for people that celebrate life in abundant bodies. Our program is designed to get you moving, give you some positive energy and mindful advice in a kind and gentle way. We believe that everyone can RUN - it's in our DNA! There will be weekly homework to help you you motivated and moving, lots of encouragement and always someone available to answer your questions, give you a hand and any support that you need. We start slow, create a community, and you feel better period. We would love to see your beautiful energy and get to know you. Join us!

Our Spring Training Clinic is the perfect opportunity to set and achieve your first race/fitness goal for 2019. Our second training clinic of the year, this 8 week run/walk program will prepare you to walk or run/walk the 5, 10, or 21k Boogie the Bridge distances on Sunday, April 28th!

Your registration includes: ​outstanding coaching; run-walk training; group support; personalized emails; personalized programs; rewards and treats; free monthly newsletter; online website play work; and participation in RUNCLUB+ every Monday. Join our tribe and enjoy a healthy vibrate life with us as we celebrate movement and community health.

Please note that your registration does not include your race registration for Boogie the Bridge; this is a separate fee. You do not have to participate in Boogie in order to participate in our Spring Training Clinic, but we sure hope you do! Not only is it a great way to celebrate the success of completing the clinic and keep you motivated over the 8 week program, it's also an amazing way to be a part of community movement and inspire change in others, and, make a lasting impact in our Kamloops community because your race fee goes directly to local charities in Kamloops (to date Boogie has raised over 1 million dollars for local Kamloops charities).We are so excited to have you join us.Questions? Email us. Anytime.


Not familiar with Boogie the Bridge? The biggest run event in Kamloops, Boogie's purpose is about much more than running. Boogie is about empowering people to achieve their dreams and move their bodies, energy and souls to becoming the best they can be. Boogie also is a fundraising event that to date, has raised over 1 million dollars for local Kamloops charities. This is an amazing event to be part of and a perfect event to set as your first Spring running/walking/fitness goal. Learn more and register for Boogie here: