Sacred Sunday Guided Meditation

559 Rocky Hill Rd, North Scituate, RI 02857, USA


Now more than ever, we are being called to seek out and connect with our spirit tribes that reflect our Highest Self. Gather outdoors with kindred spirits to explore the stillness that exists within the of the Sanctuary of our Hearts. 

This is a monthly in person gathering intended to cultivate a community of conscious minded and kind hearted folks who are looking to either begin a spiritual practice or to deepen their current practices by sitting together in the sacred space within the Sanctuary of the Heart.  On the last Sunday of every month, we will open with a Heart Centered Conversation anchored in a Sacred Subject, offer a guided Meditation and close with a Sacred Sharing.

Arrival time is between 4:00-4:30, during which you can pickup your preorders and enjoy the Botanical Nursery and Gardens as a gentle transition between temporarily stepping out of the busy outer world in preparation for turning your attention to your inner world.

We will ring a bell at 4:30 to signal the beginning of the Sacred Hour of 4:30-5:30 and a second bell will be rung to close the Hour. We encourage community members to gently move back into their daily life rythms. 

Rachael and Katherine will be available to assist you if you are experiencing a challenge with reintegration.

This is a monthly event that will take place the last Sunday of every month.

If you are experiencing any symptom of illness, please join us at our next gathering.

Please also note that we do not have a public restroom.