Santis Systems Summit 19

Schwägalp, CH

Santis Systems Summit 19


Reduced abstraction set computing Simple. Correct. Fast**.**

The Santis Systems Summit is A one-day unconference near Zurich, Switzerland on 14 June 2019, Set below and above the 2500m Summit knows as the "Santis"

There will be the option of an evening event, Moonlight dinner and overnight stay (Friday) at the wellness hotel, Sanits Schwägalp. On Saturday there will be the option of various hikes. Hotel Rooms are limited for Friday night, a confirmation will be sent once booked. or contact us directly at


We have an additional 8 rooms now available, both Double and Single options.


Friday 14th June

  • 07:00 Transfer from Zurich HB, Gossu SG to Schwagalp, 8:30 Arrival at Santis Hotel
  • 9:00 Welcome Reception
  • 10:00 Speaker KeyNote Talks (1hrs) (20min talks)
  • 11:00 Understanding OpenSpace/Market Place
  • 12:30 Lunch (flying lunch, self-service
  • 13:30 Check-in open for night stays
  • 14:00-17:00 Kick off UnConf Style 4x 45min slots
  • 17:00 Reflection of the Day
  • 17:30 Drive up the mountain
  • 19:00 Apreo, Talk followed by Full Moon-Dinner Buffet
  • 20:00 FishBowl! (3 - main topics)

Saturday 15th

  • Surprise Tour!!!
  • Short Hike (all levels)


  • Ticket: 125 CHF
  • Ticket + Evening Event: 200CHF
  • Double Room Sharing: 115 CHF (new price)
  • Single Room: 160 CHF
  • Bus Transfer: 60 CHF

We have a total of 32 Rooms Reserved for the evening of Friday 14th June: Hotel details are here:

Some systems people are around for the RISC-V conference, and there is a lot of interesting work around Switzerland, and it is a lovely place to visit. Let us explore different and interesting approaches to high performance, simple and correct code. Are you interested in getting the most performance out of hardware, simple accessible ways of getting high performance, or ways of writing correct code more easily? Come and share your experiences. Modern software has grown increasingly complex. Abstractions and programming designs from the past are layered on top of each other, leaving us with software that is increasingly complex and hard to understand, does not perform well, and is insecure. The RISC-V model for CPUs has drastically simplified hardware, back to true RISC, while providing extensibility with application specific extensions. What does the equivalent simple, fast and secure model look like for our software stacks? This unconference brings together system developers working on high-performance code, security, formal methods, operating systems and more who are trying different approaches that remove abstraction layers and provide understandable, secure and performant systems.

For more information or questions about registration, please contact us at