Ski Train 2024

Anchorage Depot, 411 W 1st Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, USA


Experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska aboard the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage's Ski Train! It's an adventure that belongs on everyone's bucket list, guaranteed to leave you grinning from ear to ear. Join a train filled with fellow skiing enthusiasts for an entire day of incredible fun amidst the pristine wilderness of Alaska. The four-hour train ride offers the perfect opportunity to unwind, soak in the awe-inspiring views, engage in games, and enjoy a picnic with both old and new friends, or even hit the dance floor with the lively Alaska Blaskapelle Band. Please remember that this is a family-friendly event, and we prioritize everyone's safety above all else!


  1. Loading Gear
    1. When you arrive you will load your equipment on the baggage car. Skis must be in bags or securely bundled and labeled.
    2. Gear can be loaded the night before, Friday, March 15th, from 5 pm - 7 pm
  2. Boarding The Train
    1. Park in the lot on Ship Creek Ave, across from the Comfort Inn 
    2. Know which car you are assigned to and check in at that car
    3. photo-ID is required to board the train
  3. On The Train
    1. Assigned seats
    2. Storage for your personal gear and food ONLY. All skis, poles, and snowshoes are required to go in the baggage car. 
    3. Commemorative Ski Train Merchandise for sale in CAR 351
    4. Travel between cars is allowed until 10 am. Once beer starts to be served, only 21+ and ticketed passengers are allowed to enter beer cars.
    5. Dance your way home with live music 
    6. Help out and clean up around your area before you leave the train
  4. In Curry
    1. Mild temperatures, beautiful backcountry conditions - NO GROOMED TRAILS, but with hundreds of skiers there will be trails to follow!
    2. Follow the directions of the safety teams
    3. Stay within the safe borders
    4. No skiing on the river or the train tracks
    5. Snow conditions vary tremendously from year to year. Snow is generally too deep and soft to walk, bring snowshoes if you do not ski. 
    6. For a mellow ski, there is a flat area around the tracks, the old town site, and north along the tracks
    7. For those looking for something more hard-core, head east from the train and up the quarry road, switchbacking up 1000’. Views of Denali and sweet turns coming down!
  5. What To Bring 
      1. Skis or snow shoes in a ski bag with your name clearly marked. Skis are sorted alphabetically by last name.
      3. Child-carriers or chariots are welcome in the baggage car
      4. Dress in warm layers! Temperatures vary from warm, cool to cold weather.
      5. Change of clothes for the ride home - shoes must be worn at all times
      6. Food and non-alcoholic beverages
      7. Crock pots! There are limited electrical outlets in some cars, check the availability in your car on the seating charts
  6. What NOT To Bring
      1. No glass bottles or containers of any kind
      2. No dogs. Only search and rescue dogs from ASARD are allowed
      3. No heavy ski bags, max 25 pounds - volunteers have to load and unload them.
      4. No large hard-sided coolers - small or soft-sided coolers fit in the limited storage space
      5. No fuel allowed. Leave your cook stoves at home.  

General admission: $190

General admission + Ice Cream: $200

  • Ice Cream Sandwich from Wild Scoops

General admission + Beer car: $245

  • Access to Railgate in Curry
  • Commemorative Sili Pint
  • 4 drink tickets
  • Hot dog


Ski Train is for current NSAA Members only. If you haven't purchased your membership yet, go to before purchasing your Ski Train Tickets. 

All sales are final. We recognize that your plans may change. Therefore, tickets are transferrable. Please see our website for more details.