Sontar 6k

Guilford, CT

Sontar 6k


"Don't get it scratched, or you and all your bloodline will be obliterated from time and space."

Whovian Running Club continues our 2019 season of incredible and otherworldly places with:

The Sontar 6k!

The seat of power at the center of the mighty Sontaran Empire. The cradle from which thousands of the Universe's fiercest and most fearless clone warriors emerged. The planetary origin of our favorite merciless battle potato!

We would never question the honor of going into glorious battle "open skinned", but like any good infantry, we suggest you take your helmet with you. All participants will get this amazing 3" medal featuring the iconic Sontaran battle helmet. As with all WRC medals, it comes with the custom satin ribbon and a personalized digital bib!

Short in stature, hairless, serious, and fully armored. (Wait, are we talking about Sontarans or turtles?)

Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for this event is the Turtle Conservancy! The Turtle Conservancy is dedicated to protecting threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats worldwide.

The Geometric Tortoise is one of the most imperiled tortoise species in the world. Originally widespread in the fynbos habitat of the Western Cape province of South Africa, near-complete conversion of this habitat to vineyards, orchards and wheat monocultures has decimated the population. In 2015, the Turtle Conservancy purchased one of the largest remaining fynbos habitat patches where the tortoise still thrives, forming the Geometric Tortoise Ecosystem Preserve. This preserve contains 80% of the remaining Geometric Tortoises on the planet! The Turtle Conservancy was recently made aware that the owner of an adjacent 34 hectare farm including fynbos habitat intends to plow this land, and irreversibly destroy its biodiversity value.

This is where WRC comes in: we're going to help raise funds to help purchase this land, and preserve it for the Geometric Tortoise!

"Sir, please do not 'noogie' me during combat prep."

Not only is it a great reminder of your participation, your official event shirt can prove useful in the interpretation of Sontaran clone moods! Available in tees, performance tees and tanks, and even hoodies, all of the proceeds will go to the The Turtle Conservancy!

Get your shirt here:

The suggested run date for this event is August 4th, the anniversary of the announcement of Peter Capaldi as our Twelfth Doctor. (Remember that in 'Deep Breath', the first face the Doctor saw upon leaving the TARDIS...was Strax!) This 'run date' is just a fun suggestion: being a virtual run, you're welcome to complete your distance whenever, wherever, and however you choose!

For more information on how our virtual running events work, we welcome you to read through the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on our website.

Sign up TODAY and help defend the glorious turtle empire!