SplashX Invent Health

Palo Alto, CA

SplashX Invent Health


Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen invite you to SplashX Invent Health, co-hosted by HP and Vator.

The highly-curated, exclusive and intimate gathering with wine, cheese and hors d' oeuvres will take a deep dive into how to expand value-based care to lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

SplashX is a twilight tech talk and mixer, where valuable lessons and inspirations are shared by founders and C-level executives from tech startups who are influencers in their areas of expertise and active VCs in the specific vertical we're focused on.

In this case, we'll have active VCs investing in value-based care models, and executives from healthcare incumbents, including payers, physician groups, and hospitals.

Splash Talks and Splash Chats are typically 20 minutes of pure, raw wisdom about a particular topic - sometimes fundraising, sometimes scaling. Our topic for SplashX Invent Health is value-based care: the road to accountable healthcare economics. Value-based care is when caregivers are paid on the basis of quality vs per service.

How is quality measured? How can caregivers deliver quality without patients also doing their part? There's a lot of challenges to this model, but a lot of upside for everyone.