The Art League Leadership-Building Informational Meeting

Cincinnati, OH

The Art League Leadership-Building Informational Meeting


The Art League began in 1903. Much of the artwork in the Cincinnati Public Schools was purchased through the Art League with pennies collected from schoolchildren. Today’s Art League is dedicated to documenting, protecting, preserving and enhancing all of the artwork in the schools. In recent years, the Art League has made some remarkable progress. The Art League raised funds for the restoration of the murals at Condon Elementary, inventoried close to one-thousand works of art, and was instrumental in the start of Cincinnati Public Schools’ Building Fund. The Art League has also opened up the schools to share its artwork with the public as part of its Art League Afternoon series.

The Art League is run entirely with the help of volunteers. The Board of Directors and Committee Chairs include: Grace Royalty, Jeni Eckman, Robert Flischel, Jane Gardner, Mary Ran, Blanche Sullivan and Mary Hinton.

The Art League is looking to revitalize itself with new committee chairs and committee members in the following areas:

• planning events (members-only events, Art League Afternoons)

• inventory of the artwork in the schools

• accounting

• membership development

• marketing

• communications (website development, newsletter, Facebook)

Learn more at our Leadership-Building Informational Meeting on Sunday, February 28th being held at the Clifton Branch of the Cincinnati Public Library from 2:00 to 4:00.

                        _Clifton Branch of the Library (former home of "Boss" Cox)_