The CHURCH BELL RUN is an inaugural event at

Celebrate New Year's Day: Run with other RUNNERS WORLDWIDE

Start your 2019 New Years Day run with a 9:00 AM CHURCH BELL START to herald in a new day for running! Time yourself for the MILE and spread your result across social media. Runners in 24 separate time zones will be challenged to do the same.

As our thanks ... We'll place your LAST NAME and CITY on our World Map of Runners. Just register by purchasing one of our Event Bibs. Please note: A complete listing of runners and their locations will be available for viewing January 2, 2019

Limited Edition THE CHURCH BELL RUN event shirts will be available for purchase separately thru Two-day shipping is available thru Amazon Prime.

* Event shirt (below), for interested runners, available at

What's it all about?

Runners in 24 different time zones, whether individuals or groups, will start their run at 9AM. They will run a mile displaying a solidarity for health and fitness. They will urge others to do the same.

We will all be in this together... testing the Church Bells in your own city or town for the next iteration of this event.

Running Tips: If no Church is in your immediate area, please use a similar sounding Clock Tower with a 9 AM Chime. If that is not available you can even use an iPhone Start: Tap Sounds>Calendar Alerts>Classic>BELL TOWER.

Start in your designated Time Zone, Be safe, Be courteous, and Urge Others to take up the sport of running!

This is a unique opportunity with a great theme of togetherness with runners from different cities, cultures, and beliefs leading the way into the New Year.

We've created a thought provoking event shirt and Runner Bib design that will be sure to start a conversation in your running community ... and beyond.