The Heart of Reconciliation Conference

7100 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA


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This powerful gathering will bring together community members, those touched by the criminal legal system, trauma-informed experts, spiritual leaders, and change agents to deepen the understanding of the power of reconciliation, identify tools for reconciliation, and build action plans to heal.

Designed by formerly incarcerated people, survivors of violent crime, and trauma-informed psychologists, The Heart of Reconciliation will give you tools to restore relationships, heal communities and families and build the vision you have for a thriving tomorrow.

Who is the audience? Anyone who wants to transform the Criminal Legal System. Anyone who has been traumatized by the CLS. Anyone who wants to know more about restorative approaches in healing between one who has harmed Anyone who wants to learn about radical embodiment, forgiveness, and living in fullness of life.and one who has been harmed. 

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Join us as we explore themes of reconciliation within families, oneself and community with:

  • Speakers who will share their own experiences with incarceration, violence, victimization and living with harm, reconciliation and forgiveness. 
  • Workshops where you’ll work with faith leaders and change agents to identify where change can begin in your community.
  • Breakout groups where you’ll build plans to heal within your community, neighborhood and family.

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Hosted by The St. Charles Center for Faith + Action. We are proud to partner with the following organizations:


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 7100 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans