Totter's Lane 7.6k

Guilford, CT

Totter's Lane 7.6k


“You still think it’s all an illusion?”

On a foggy London night, a policeman makes his rounds, passing the I.M. Foreman yard at 76 Totter’s Lane. In the junkyard stands an incongruous-looking police box emitting an eerie hum…

Whovian Running Club continues our 2019 season of incredible and otherworldly places with a race through the place where it all began:

The Totter's Lane 7.6k!

On November 23rd, 1963, that first image…the first memorable moment that led to thousands more…was seen by 4.4 million viewers in the United Kingdom. Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, two teachers at the Coal Hill School are simply concerned about the brilliant, but strange, student Susan Foreman. When they go to her given address (76, Totter’s Lane) they find a junkyard with an unusual surprise inside.

All participants will get this amazing 3.5" medal that looks just like the entrance to the scrapyard...and it OPENS to reveal our WRC TARDIS waiting inside! Of course, it comes with the custom satin ribbon and the always popular custom digital bib.

Miraculous things can be found in the most unlikely places and things that are discarded can bring great joy.

Each year an estimated 100,000 Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) are slaughtered or abandoned on the streets of Spain, and the Whovian Running Club has been dedicated to helping these beautiful animals since our very beginning. Last year, you were responsible for the single-largest movement of Galgos in history from Spain to the United States. Twenty-four dogs were safely transported to their forever homes in the US, and given the lives every dog deserves.

Whovian Running Club is honored to once again partner with the Daphne Legacy Tour to achieve a simple, but amazing goal: To bring FORTY-EIGHT Galgos to the United States! Visit the Daphne Legacy Tour Facebook page to learn more.

“It’s true. Every word of it’s true.”

Don’t forget to get your event shirt! The quote is from Ian Chesterton (one of the Doctor’s first companions) trying to wrap his brain around the concept of a police box that’s bigger on the inside, and is nothing less than the greatest ship in the Universe.

Get your shirt here:

The suggested run date for this event is March 16, 2019, which is John Leeson (K-9)’s birthday! Remember, this is just a fun suggestion. Being a virtual run, you’re welcome to complete your distance whenever, wherever, and however you choose. All medals will be mailed the week after registration closes.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

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