Tour de Spin 2022

Youngstown, OH

Tour de Spin 2022


The Tour de Spin is an annual event that brings the thrill of the Tour de France into the Spinning room through simulated stage rides indoors as well as fun group rides outdoors. Don’t miss out on this fun summer event that keeps you motivated throughout June/July!


Tour Dates: June 30-July 23, 2022

Spin Overview
  • Commit to riding at least three days per week for the three-week simulation of the Tour de France (you can still sign up if you're going on vacation, just designate dates on the registration page.)
  • Riders are randomly placed on Tour teams representing one of the actual Tour de France teams (this is a awesome way to meet new riders in the program)
  • There is no cost for this event, but you can sign up as a "Friend of the Tour" and donate $25. "Friend of the Tour" donation comes with a Tour Shirt.  
Point Structure
  1. Every Class attended (5 Points) Only 1 ride per day counts
  2. Organized outdoor rides via the Y (5 Points) count as one ride but must ride at least twice in room 
  3. Team Ride (100 Team Points)
    Only 1 team ride is permitted during the three weeks and must take place at the Central YMCA. Team Captain informs Meri of the date. Only 1 team sign up per class
  4. Team member wins one of four award jerseys (10 Points/Jersey)
    Yellow: Leader
    Green: Sprinter
    Polka Dot: Climber
    White: Leading Rider (25 & under)
  5. Ride 5 days (5 Points/Week)
  6. Ride 6 days (10 Points/Week)
  7. Spin the Spokes: Kickoff and Finale (Points as spun)
  8. Attend Kickoff at Central (25 Points)
  9. Attend Finale at Central (25 Points)
Melanie Angiuli Davis Family YMCA Spinning Coordinator 330-502-3512 
Meri Fetkovich Senior Director of Health & Wellness 330-742-4788