Tuesday Evening Herbal Series

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Tuesday Evening  Herbal Series



 $15 Suggested Community Investment

Your investment supports our year round community programs and events.

If you would like to barder or trade please contact Katherine at 401-644-7253.


Meet the plants, ask your questions and learn how to incorporate these simple medicinals into your home apothecary. 

Each Tuesday evening we will gather in the Botanical Nursery before taking a stroll through the beautiful Sanctuary Gardens & Food Forest.  

We will settle in either under the Red Tent or inside the Greenhouse Oasis for some herbal tea and an in depth sharing of each highlighted herbal allie.

Katherine and Mark will share what they know about growing, harvesting, curing, storing and crafting simple herbal medicines that you can make at home.


Holy Basil: The Incomparable One

July 25th


Crafting Cannabis Medicinals

August 1st



The Magic of Rosemary

August 8th



Time to Brew Fire Cider

August 15th

Collections this evening will be donated to Rosemary Gladstars Sage Mountain Retreat to help sustain their programs while the road to the center is rebuilt after the flood in Vermont on July 10th, 2023.

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Elderberry's Wisdom

Rescheduled for August 29th 


Bug Repellent & Bite/Sting Relief

September 5th



September 12th



 September 26th 


Join us for the culmination of our Summer Herbal Series:

Herbal Tea Formulation

Saturday September 30th


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