Umbrella Weekend 2023

1949 Carrizo Gorge Rd, Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934, USA


Umbrella Weekend is the flagship event organized by the Afternoon Umbrella Friends - a fun loving community of umbrella-obsessed humans based out of San Diego, California.

AUF is characterized by its grassroots organization, composed of numerous creative hearts & souls that care deeply about creating opportunities for their friends to share their passions and inspire others through music, arts, and community. Notable is their commitment to the safety of their community, sustainability of the environment, and collaboration. The 2022 festival featured over 20 local music & art collectives coming together, and 2023 stands to be an even larger group effort.

Taking place in Jacumba, CA at Nomadic (an hour from San Diego) - the sixth annual Umbrella Weekend festival will be going down March 9th - 13th, 2023.

Umbrella Weekend is a 21+ event!


This year will feature three stages of diverse underground electronic music featuring predominately local artists from across California, a full spread of Umbrellavation (AUF's wellness & mindfulness brand) programming, and mountains of art - all thoughtfully curated by a community of incredibly special & welcoming humans. Expect to be showered with kindness, and to make more new friends than you will know what to do with. We truly hope you'll join us!


Want to get involved?

The Afternoon Umbrella Friends are ALWAYS looking to make new friends! 🤩

Volunteer, Media, Workshop, Theme Camp, Artist, Art Installation, Vendor, Food, Dancer, & Wellness applications are all open now!

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