Valhalla Race Montréal

Sutton, QC

Valhalla Race Montréal



JULY 7: Team Adventure

The team edition is an adventure combining reflexion and physical obstacles, a mix between an escape game and an obstacle course. You will have to face +25 obstacles on 8 kilometers together to be able to succeed the mission that will be given to you on the departure line: save the universe.


  • The teams must be MANDATORY composed of 3 to 4 people.
  • Please note that ONLY THE ORGANIZATION WILL DECIDE OF YOUR DEPARTURE TIME according to the sports level of your team in order to avoid waiting at obstacles (information to provide during your booking).

JULY 8: Obstacle race

Ready for a big shot of adrenaline with viking sauce? Your stamina, skill and toughness will be put to the test on the 30 obstacles of the 8-kilometer course. On the program: running, climbing, swimming, throwing of all kinds, and many others.

Beginner, elite, young or old, whether you are accustomed to obstacle courses or novice, each one goes on the course at his own pace. An obstacle that is too difficult can be avoid by taking the penalty assigned to this obstacle and thus reach the end of the course.