Vault 687

Guilford, CT

Vault 687



NOTE:  Vault 687 has MOVED!  Please visit to open the door to Vault 687 and register for past events.


You've been led down to one of the lowest and darkest levels of Gringott's Bank. Your goblin guide traces his gnarled finger along an unseen pattern on the door and you hear a series of clicks as the enchanted door unlocks. As the door slowly swings open, you see that there are rare and amazing treasures inside...

Welcome to Vault 687!

Even with the assistance of Professor Trelawney, we don't always foresee the ideal number of medals necessary for a given event. Sometimes, the goblins demand that we purchase extra medals to save precious galleons. Whatever the reason, we've ended up with some spare medals in our Vault that are in need of a good home....YOUR home!

CRITICAL INFORMATION: First, use the "+" sign to select the number of PEOPLE you are registering. After you enter your registration information, you will see a series of "Required" items for each person. You are NOT, repeat - NOT, required to register for every event, but you are required to answer each item by choosing to add the event OR selecting "No Thanks." You will see $25 added to your total for each event you select. If you get to the end and your total is ZERO, you have not selected any events and you need to go back and change your answers as appropriate.

You can now register for the following 2019 PHRC events: 

2019 Stage 5k Clinger

2019 Slug Club "Armchair to 5k" 

2019 Pensieve 10k

2019 Vanishing Half Marathon

2019 A Quick Pygmy Up 5k

2019 Platform Year 6

2019 Felix Challenge Medal

2019 Chamber 10k Throwback Medal


You can also register for the following events from past years:

2018 Half-Giant Half Marathon

2018 Royal 10k

2018 Phoenix Challenge Medal

2014 Platform Year 1 - less than 30 left!

2015 Platform Year 2

2017 Platform Year 4 - less than 30 left!

2017 10k & S.P.E.W.

2017 Sirius Half Marathon

2017 Eternal Glory 4 Miler


MuggleNet, the #1 Wizarding World Resource Since 1999, turned twenty! To celebrate their anniversary, they put on a virtual running event.

MuggleNet 20th Annniversary 20k!


Proceeds from registrations made in 2019 will support our 2019 charity partners.

Once our spare medals are gone, they will not be reordered.

All vault medals will be fulfilled weekly.

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