Women's Bike Maintenance Seminars

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan

Women's Bike Maintenance Seminars


Women's Bike Maintenance Clinics:

Spend this winter learning basic bike maintenance tips and tricks from Cathy, one of our mechanics! These seminars are a little shorter and more focused than our regular Bike Maintenance clinics.

Each seminar includes a variety of instruction methods. Munchies and beverages will be served!

Please wear appropriate clothing that you don't mind getting a little bike grease on.

All clinics run from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Cost: $25/session - sign up for all three clinics and get $15 off!

Clinic #1 - Demystifying gears (Jan 6)- This class will cover common shifting problems and will provide a basic tutorial on setting/adjusting your shifting. We will also examine the many drive-train options available on the market and will provide information how you might select appropriate gears for your riding type.

Clinic #2 - Tires, tires, tires (Feb 11)- This class will cover basic tire changing including how to determine what caused your flat, tube-less conversion, determining tire wear, and selecting tires. Basic wheel truing will also be covered in this clinic.

Clinic #3 - Brakes 101 (Mar 9) - This class will review different braking systems and how to adjust your brakes and change your brake pads. We will also provide a basic demonstration of hydraulic brake bleeds.