Workshop: Email Receipts & Expense Tracking for Businesses

500 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 2B5, Canada


The Kanata-Carleton Small Business Network (KCSBN) is pleased to partner with RBC and Yubilly to host an in person workshop on Email Receipts & Expense Tracking.

Guest speakers: Okan Murat Donmez, CEO-Founder, Yubilly Receipt Services Inc.

This event is for small businesses to share best practices and show them how they can benefit from a new application. Yubilly will help them to track both their personal and business expenses by stopping paper receipts and getting more email receipts while avoiding all marketing and spam emails and keeping their inboxes safe and secure.

Join us to learn, network and connect with other businesses and potential clients.

Pizza & refreshments will be provided courtesy of RBC.

See you all soon!

Dr. Rouba Fattal
KCSBN Founder