2018 RTI Yule Ball

North Branford, CT

2018 RTI Yule Ball


It's the 3nd Annual RTI Yule Ball!

On Friday, December 14th, the members of HRC, WRC and CRC and their guests will come together for a night of well-mannered frivolity. And we do mean well-mannered...we will not have you, in one night, besmirching the name of RTI by behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons! (Except for the Master/Headmaster...he can't help himself!)

The attire for the evening is Wizarding Formal / Time Lord Formal...or whatever would be acceptable for Cotillion. Gowns, dress robes, formal English wear, and muggle “black-tie” are preferred, but dresses or suit and tie are the minimum. The event will take place from 7:00 PM to Midnight on December 14th at the incredible Bill Miller's Castle (http://www.billmillerscastle.com/) in Branford, Connecticut....less than one mile from RTI HQ!

And have you ever wanted to be part of an HRC medal pack? Here's your chance! The Yule Ball is on Friday and we'll be doing the Time Turner medal packing on Saturday and Sunday (15th and 16th)! If you want to volunteer for "House Elf Duties" simply let us know when you purchase your tickets. If you can't make it, you are welcome to stop by anytime to pick up your medals!

For those who are not local, we've prepared an RTI Yule Ball "Travel Codex" with airline, lodging, ground transportation, and other information for you. You can get a copy of the Travel Codex by clicking HERE.

Tickets are $65 per person and include a fully catered geeky-themed meal. Please note that the Yule Ball is a formal event and we are charged per head...regardless of the size of that head. While children are permitted, please be aware that youth tickets are the same price as adult tickets. Also, please keep in mind that the event, the meal, and the music will be intended for an adult audience, so please consider if the event is appropriate for your child.

We will finalize the menu (which will have vegetarian (lacto-ovo) options) as we get closer to the event and we will update you in the Great Hall/TARDIS/Luke's. We obviously cannot meet every dietary restriction, but please let us know if you have any significant allergies or dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

Our gala menu is also set in place, so let your appetite be your guide, and come party the night away in Connecticut!

See you in December!!