40 Day Global Mah Bound Lotus Challenge to Merge

New York, NY

40 Day Global Mah Bound Lotus Challenge to Merge


40 Day Bound Lotus Challenge to Merge

  • No Previous experience required
  • Learn how ANYONE can practice and Master the most powerful Kriya
  • Yogi Bhajan Quotes about Bound Lotus
  • Experience how to Merge
  • Learn how to use Props to help you
  • Avoid Injury
  • Modifications
  • Advanced practices

INCLUDED in Course fee of $108

  1. PDF of Mah Bound Lotus Manual
  2. Livestream sessions with Mahankirn
  3. Question and Answer sessions
  4. Daily Support
  5. Stories/Experience of Lead Trainers/Master Practitioners
  6. Sunday Weekly Practice at same time around the Globe

What you will need:

  1. 31-62 minutes per day
  2. Courage, Patience and Compassion
  3. 2-10 Pillows, yoga strap, sheepskin or yoga mat, wash cloth, scarf, socks
  4. Journal & Pen
  5. Tumeric for internal use
  6. Epsom Salt for bath soak