Bill & Ted Face The Music

1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3, Canada


Once told they’d save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, 2 would-be rockers from San Dimas, California find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny.

From the director of Galaxy Quest, and the writers of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey!

4/4 Stars! “It’s kind of wonderful…an hour and a half of good-natured goofiness with an underlying message of hope for humanity, and a story that’s ultimately about finding perspective, opening yourself up to new possibilities, and still getting to shred with your best bud. There’s no better lesson for 2020, except maybe the thing about being excellent to each other.” (Now Toronto)

4/4 Stars! “It does a very rare thing: combining everything that worked throughout its franchise and perfectly reinvents it all…hits all the high and low notes but knows not to overstay its welcome.” (Movie Crypt)

“a most excellent sequel…It zips right along, it makes you smile and chortle, it’s a surprisingly sweet-spirited love story” (Variety)