Cancun Cantina Country Swing and Line

Old Telegraph Rd, Hanover, MD 21076, USA


Cancun Cantina Country Swing and Line is a multi day bar dance workshop in Maryland, offering opportunities to learn and grow in Country Swing and Line Dance lessons and showcase and compete in competitions. 

Brought to you by: Cancun Cantina, Country Nomads, and Southern Soul  

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Friday night - Country Swing Strictly (choose your own partner)

Saturday night - Line Dance (dances coming soon)

October 13th Friday:

  • Social Dancing
  • Country Swing STRICTLY Dance Competition


October 14th Saturday Workshops and Competitions 

  • 11pm-5pm WORKSHOPS
    • TWO FLOORS one for country swing lessons and one for line dance lessons
  • 5-9pm Dinner, Social Dancing and Competitions 
    • Line Dance Competition and Social Dancing
  • 9pm-2am SOCIAL DANCING


October 15th Sunday Workshops and Private Lessons

  • 11-5pm WORKSHOPS and Private Lessons 
    • TWO FLOORS one with partner dancing lessons and one with line dance lessons
    • Private Lessons avaliable