Country Hoedown At The Clem Tucker Barn

5601 Gold Hill Rd, Placerville, CA 95667, USA


Get youtr tickets no!  No Tickets For Sale At Door!

Ma Estelle and Pa Clem Tucker are throwin’ a real old timey Hoedown to celebrate the raisin’ of their new barn! Don’t miss the family shenanigans, especially the fiery Granny Calpurnia Tucker!

Pa will be serving up the BEST BBQ THIS SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN.  Your country feast will include tender Smoked Chicken, slow cooked Pulled Pork, Pa’s famous Calico Baked Beans, Ma’s Kicked-UP Coleslaw, buttered corn on the cob and Granny’s Mini Cornbread muffins. Pa is so happy with the barn, he is throwin’ in your first two cups of wine or beer!  Of course the wine will be made right here local and same with the beer!

For those that have a sweet tooth (we know some y’all only got that one tooth!) there will be a Country Sweets Dessert Bar, and soft drinks and coffee.

Don’t we have a special treat for y’all with our own third cousin, twice removed, David Verdugo and his band Hard Times No More! Fresh out of the hoosegow for runnin’ hootch to Speakeasies in San Fran, Hard Times No More will be pickin’ and grinnin’ while y’all get your boots dirty!  Don’t you go worrying about having two left feet (Unlce Cletus got that fixed two Summers ago!) we'll have a real instructor to show you how to line dance!

Now the whole Tucker family will be there, from both sides of the Mountain, so we know there will be drama, but just play along and hoot and holler, boo and laugh along with the rest of us!  This Hoe Down is interactive, so don’t think you are just sittin’ there and smilin’ all night!

There will be some fun country carnival games, a challenging scavenger hunt (no Willard, you can’t use your shotgun to hunt Scavengers!) and a cash bar for when Pa’s drink tokens run out! The cash bar will raise funds for a local domestic and wild animal rescue ranch.

This is a 21+ event. Make it a date night!

Thank you to our friends at Ring of Fire BBQ for the menu, Interactive Entertainment for the actors and the various volunteers and staff that help to make Kilt & Cork Dining Experiences come to life!