Frick Frack Black Jack at Connect San Diego

3784 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA



Looking for a game? We bet you won’t find another one quite like this.

Step right up and place a bet, but there’s a single catch, no money allowed. What’s in your pockets?

The name of game is Frick Frack Blackjack.

It’s a No Cash, No Limit, barter blackjack game where you can bet anything in the world, except money.

We’re the Frickn’ Clowns and we will be your delightful dealers. Traders and collectors of sorts but some might call us Hustlers, even gamblers, but we don’t want your money. We’ll take the shoelaces or trinkets instead.

Think you got what it takes to beat us at our own game?

Step right up and let’s play!



Ticket prices include:


Open Bar

Unlimited Laughs