MODELHUNT - "The World's Most Diverse Model Search"

110 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90079, USA

MODELHUNT - "The World's Most Diverse Model Search"

110 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90079, USA


MODELHUNT is the first and only modeling search to have the most diverse categories of models. Unlike other modeling searches, we have a wide range of ages, sizes and looks. While we bring models of many different styles together, ModelHunt focuses on selecting the top and most unique models, giving each a rich opportunity to grow in their modeling careers, helping them on their path to discovery, recognition and earning their place among the top modeling stars of the fashion industry. Only 15-20 candidates per category were chosen to compete on the finals. The finals will take place for 2 days, with 5 categories per day. On the 2nd night, all the winners from each category will be presented on the runway in one unique diverse fashion show!


Date: July 27 and 28, 2019


July 27 (Saturday)

Kids - 1st Group 1pm-2pm

Plus size - 2nd Group 3pm-4pm

Fitness - 3rd Group 5pm-6pm

Edgy - 4th Group 7pm-8pm

PWD - 5th Group 9pm-10pm

July 28 (Sunday)

Teens - 1st Group 1pm-2pm

Petite - 2nd Group 3pm-4pm

Mature - 3rd Group 5pm-6pm

Trans - 4th Group 7pm-8pm

Mainstream - 5th Group 9pm-10pm

Venue: Fashion Theatre - California Market Center, Downtown LA

Parking and Discounted Hotel rates:

VIP Tickets are 1st and 2nd row seating

Regular Seated Tickets are 3rd and 4th row seating.


The pre-show will allow guests, media, and sponsors time to mingle, be introduced to exhibitors, have photo opportunities, and get situated before the show starts.

Show proper

Guests will be invited to come and take their seats. Sponsor commercials will play during the pre-show and sponsorship logos will be displayed on the backdrop throughout the evening. Each category will be for 1 hour and candidates will be showcasing different clothes like casual, swimwear, sporty and formal.