MONTHLY Core VIP session - Reimagining Corporate Culture for 2022 and Beyond

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 MONTHLY Core VIP session


Connect Ottawa presents

Reimagining Corporate Culture for

2022 and Beyond


presented by Tanya Hewitt & Debra Eckerling




Employers, just when you thought you’d be able to bring all of your employees back on-site, we’ve been thrown for another loop.


With the Delta variant, companies everywhere are remaining in work-from-home and hybrid-work mode. Your employees are more disconnected - literally and figuratively - than ever. However, there are things you can do to thrive in this new environment.



Debra Eckerling (The DEB Method’s K.E.E.P. system for Employee Retention)




Tanya Hewitt (Beyond Safety Compliance) to take the next steps for an eye-opening virtual workshop


Tanya will introduce organizational health, and 6 key questions that need to be asked of organizations to get clarity around going forward:


  • Why do we exist?

  • Who are we?

  • What do we do?

  • How do we do it?

  • What is our rallying cry?



Debra will talk about ways to introduce and integrate corporate wellness into your virtual workplace to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Productive.

She will also go through The DEB Method, which employers and employees can use to identify goals, which will set them up for success.

DEB stands for:

  • Determine Your Mission
  • Explore Your Options
  • Brainstorm Your Path



As always there will be Time for Conversations,
Communication and opportunites to discuss Collaboration.  

Leave with purpose, and a plan, to implement in your business right away.

Come prepared to:

- Have fun & meet new people 


We look forward to seeing you!  

2 ways to get a ticket - 

  1. Pay as you go -  $10.00 + tax.
  2. Included in the VIP membership for $19.99 per month Connect Ottawa Core VIP community

Most importantly, le'ts check in and see how everyone is doing.

How can we help?   Can we do it together? 

Whether you’re starting, restarting, just getting started, or been going strong, the coming together of businesspeople in a community is relevant to everyone’s success.

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