Notch8's Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop

704 J St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA


Notch8 offers our second Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop. This is a hands-on, on-site curriculum for users and administrators that focuses on learning to use Hyrax and Hyku applications. Attendees will gain a basic familiarity with core application structure and features and understand the difference between Hyrax and Hyku. They will also learn more about features in development that go beyond standard off-the-shelf functionality by exploring current and forthcoming community projects. By the end of day two, attendees will leave with a practical knowledge of how to use this software.

Who is this workshop for?

No previous experience in the subject matter is required to benefit from this workshop. It is intended for users and program administrators who are adopting Hyrax or Hyku applications for their organization, as well as individuals still exploring repository solutions who wish to discover more about these applications. This is not a development-focused workshop, although developers new to Samvera may benefit from this immersion in the user-side perspective. Notch8 developers will be available throughout to answer more technical questions.


1. Introductions

Participants introduce their organization, users, and stakeholders.

2. Intro to Samvera Community Concepts

This presentation will provide a groundwork to Samvera, the parent framework to Hyrax, Hyku, and other digital preservation applications. It presents developers and community members with common definitions and descriptions of the Samvera stack at the application and framework level. Framework topics include discussions around Rails, Sidekiq, Data Stores, Fedora, Solr, Blacklight, etc. While application level topics include discussions around Avalon, Hyrax, Hyku, etc. At the end of the presentation, attendees will have a greater understanding of Samvera's components and how they interact and come together to create a Samvera application.

3. Hyrax and Hyku Hands-On Workshop Part I: Getting Familiar

Julie Allinson and other Notch8 developers will kick off the workshop with an in-depth presentation that will highlight key features in Hyrax and Hyku. Some of the features that will be discussed are the following:

  • User interface and User dashboard
  • Adding new work types
  • Data modeling for new work types
  • Customizing metadata
  • Embargos and leases
  • Admin Set and Collections
  • Configuring and customizing Workflows
  • Users and user management
  • Access Controls
  • Data analysis and mapping for import / export
  • Import and Export with Bulkrax
  • Hyku’s multi tenancy layout
  • Universal Viewer / IIIF Support
  • Theming

Then workshop participants will pair up and work together to configure a new instance of a Hyku application. This is setting up their theme, creating and defining collection types, enabling needed features, assigning workflow roles, creating works, importing works using the importer tool, etc. Computers will be provided, which will contain the new Hyku application they’ll be working on.

4. Participant's Presentations: Part I

Attendees are invited to present an optional 10-30 talk or demo of the application they are representing and their organization's use case. Notch8's developers will be in attendance so this is an opportunity to share with them, as well as other participants, what you do and how you manage your works and collections. Notch8 will also share information about other projects from the community. This is a great chance to learn about the capabilities of these applications and the new and forthcoming features that may benefit other instances across the community.


1. Open Q&A

As we gather and settle at the top of day two, we'll set aside dedicated time for your questions. Attendees who are still exploring Samvera-based options will have time to ask their questions. Did something keep you awake last night after day one? Let's talk through that now! Keep in mind: the organizers are happy to answer questions at any time during and following the workshop.

2. Hyrax and Hyku Hands-On Workshop Part II: Advanced Topics

During this session, the workshop will move past basic functionality to explore more advanced features and customizing the repositories you created in day one.

3. Agile Development Principles and Best Practices

This presentation will share the foundations of agile principles. Understanding and utilizing these is a benefit to any software development project. Includes:

  • Rules, roles, and Scrum events
  • Other Agile methodologies
  • Discussion on methodologies we want to implement

4. Participant's Presentations: Part II

This session wraps up the exchange of ideas from various Hyrax and Hyku projects.

5. Hyrax/Hyku Roadmaps

What adopters can expect in the future. How they can frame their thoughts about future phases re: alignment with Roadmap Input on prioritizing existing roadmap and features to add.

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