Notch8's Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop

San Diego, CA

Notch8's Hyrax & Hyku User Workshop



1. Introductions

Participants introduce their organization, users, and stakeholders.

2. Hyrax and Hyku - User Focused Workshop:

Julie Allinson and other Notch8 developers will kick off the workshop with an in-depth presentation that will highlight key features in Hyrax and Hyku. Some of the features that will be discussed are the following:

  • Customized Workflows
  • Admin Set Participants (Managers, Depositors, Viewers)
  • User Groups
  • Access Controls
  • Customized Metadata
  • Data modeling for new work types
  • Data analysis and mapping for import / export
  • CSV / OAI importers
  • Embargos and Leases
  • Hyrax Notifications
  • Hyku’s multi tenancy layout
  • Universal Viewer / IIIF Support
  • Theming

Then workshop participants will pair up and work together to configure a new instance of a Hyku application. This is setting up their theme, creating and defining collection types, enabling needed features, assigning workflow roles, creating works, importing works using the importer tool, etc. Computers will be provided, which will contain the new Hyku application they’ll be working on.


1. Samvera Community Concepts

This presentation is designed to give developers and community members the common definitions and descriptions of the Samvera stack at the application and framework level. Framework topics include discussions around Rails, Sidekiq, Data Stores, Fedora, Solr, Blacklight, etc. While application level topics include discussions around Avalon, Hyrax, Hyku, etc. At the end of the presentation, attendees will have a greater understanding of Samvera's components and how they interact and come together to create a Samvera application.

2. Agile Development Principles and Best Practices

  • Rules, roles, and Scrum events
  • Other Agile methodologies
  • Discussion on methodologies we want to implement

3. Participant's Presentations

This is an optional 10-30 minute talk. The topic of the talk is the participant's choice. Notch8's developers will be in attendance so this is an opportunity to share with them, as well as other participants, what you do and how you manage your works and collections.

4. Hyrax/Hyku Roadmaps

What adopters can expect in the future. How they can frame their thoughts about future phases re: alignment with Roadmap Input on prioritizing existing roadmap and features to add.

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