Some Kind Of Heaven

1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3, Canada


Some Kind Of Heaven - Ottawa Premiere on Friday February 19th!

Behind the gates of a palm-tree-lined fantasyland in Florida, three residents and one interloper at America’s largest retirement community strive to find happiness.

Philadelphia Film Festival: Best Documentary Feature – Jury Prize award winner!
Atlanta Film Festival: Best Documentary Feature – Jury Prize nominee!
Sundance Film Festival: NEXT Innovator Award nominee!

“a perfect documentary…a surreal, visually sublime slice of life that offers escapism and subverts it in the same breath…I spent virtually the entire 83 minutes laughing, slapping my forehead, or both.” (Uproxx)

“a fascinating palette of humanity in a documentary so real and convincing you would swear these are all actors in a movie that this extraordinarily promising filmmaker has completely made up” (Deadline)

“remarkable debut full-length feature” (Detroit News)