SplashX Invent Health - Tech Enablers

Palo Alto, California

SplashX Invent Health - Tech Enablers


Dr. Archana Dubey and Bambi Francisco Roizen invite you to SplashX Invent Health, co-hosted by HP and Vator.

The highly-curated, exclusive and intimate gathering with wine, cheese and hors d' oeuvres will take a deep dive into how to use technology to make deeper and more meaningful relationships, particularly between caregivers and patients. And in this quest: Who's defining this new ecosystem? The big tech companies embracing digital health or tech pioneers?

SplashX is a twilight tech talk and mixer, where valuable lessons and inspirations are shared by founders and C-level executives from tech startups who are influencers in their areas of expertise and active VCs in the specific vertical we're focused on.

In this case, we'll have active VCs investing in new technologies allowing doctors and caregivers to be more hands on - whether its technologies gathering data in real-time and/or providing real-time diagnosis and assistance. Anything, really, that can enable doctors to do their jobs better. For this event, we'll have executives from the big tech companies moving into healthcare, as well as tech pioneers and VCs focused on new digital health solutions.