Summer Camp For Female Entrepreneurs

New Liberty, IA

Summer Camp For Female Entrepreneurs


For the playful heart. JOIN US FOR SUMMER CAMP where you’ll get to spend 3 days reconnecting to your aliveness. Recollect your childhood dreams of CAMP and the memories it evokes!

Look forward to building deep connection to self, nature, sisterhood & future vision. Gathering with likeminded dreamers together in Iowa's spacious woodlands, together we will unplug from the outside world with awesome food, structured workshops, dancing under the starlit sky, a nighttime pool party, bonfires, yoga + lake play.

We are passionate about building a diverse community. It matters to us to create a space for ALL women to feel free and be heard & seen in their genius. 

Arrival: Friday, August 27th at 10A

Departure: Sunday, August 29th at 11A

A special open house celebration will be hosted on Sunday, August 29th, after check-out, at our BRAND NEW physical location for Camp Climb, located 15 minutes from Summer Camp at Camp Liberty! This is an exclusive open house, specially for our 2021 Summer Campers. 


Your overall health and wellbeing is our top concern. We are very fortunate to have access to Camp Liberty, a 250-acre playground immersed in nature. 

We’re closely monitoring COVID guidelines. We will do an outside check-in at each campsite. Everything at camp will be at half capacity and meal time is being carefully structured and spaced out for a socially distanced experience. 

Upon arriving to camp entrance your temperature will be checked. If you should contract COVID leading up to the weekend of camp and are unable to attend, you will receive a full remimbursement of your investment.

Identify your track (choose at checkout): 

  • Base: You don’t have a business. You’re not an entrepreneur, yet, although you're curious about pursuing entrepreneurship. You crave intentional connection with other women driven to pursue a creative endeavour. You crave insight on how and what to create, brand wise. You want a safe space to be heard and seen in. You seek clarity in navigating your future. You crave to think outside the box in designing your life.

  • Tent: You have a business. You’re an entrepreneur. You seek clarity. You want to get clear on who it is exactly you are serving and you seek direction in connecting with your ideal customers and prospects. You want to feel more ease when it comes to operating your business. You dare to dream bigger. Something feels like it is missing. You crave a deeper sense of connection to your work.

  • Peak: You have a business. You’re an entrepreneur. Your audience knows exactly what it is that you offer and who you serve. You are a magnet to your ideal client. You can feel freedom. You are connected to your power source. You feel enlightenment & spiritual guidence in every creation. You crave to surround yourself with other likeminded women in business.



Break down your investment with a downpayment of $500 now. The remaining balance to be collected on June 15th, 2021. Choose this option in the payments section on the next page.

We are passionate about inclusive community and we understand financial burden can be the block to creating your desired life. If you can't afford Camp, email us and inquire about scholarship options or the opportunity to be sponsored. 


Opting out of a primitive camping experience? Upgrade and stay in an air-conditioned cabin with other campers in your same track. SPACES ARE LIMITED.


Want to rent bedding instead of bringing your own? Want us to stock you with some extra sunscreen and bug spray? See our add on packages on the next page!


We can't wait to see you at Camp! While we are so excited for all the fun activities and connecting to unravel, we'd like to take a second to make sure you are fully protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances! That's why we would highly recommend signing up for an international, trusty travel insurance provider like World Nomads. We would hate for your trip to face any challenges, but sometimes things don't go as planned. Whether that's flight cancellations, a stolen passport, getting injured or losing your bag: Travel insurance will protect you!



"The moment I walked into that space. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a group of women that felt completely open, welcoming, and supportive!" - Sara

"I’ll never forget feeling so incredibly loved during the opening keynote, Stacey Johnson. I remember looking around to other faces in astonishment like “is this really happening?!” I was so inspired by her. Also...the pool party and belly laughing! Oh and escaping the storms on the last night and piling into the van and the laughter that ensued!" - Courtney

"It was a magical and enchanting weekend. Forever grateful for the many ideas and inspirations and connections and sparks formed there." - Coral